Filling that Post-Holiday hole...

The winter months can be slower in the tent business.  It makes for a great time to meet with clients, visit their event sites, and firm up inventory needs for those special warm weather celebrations.  

Occasionally, it becomes a time to work with a client to brainstorm a unique solution to a problem.  Recently we had the opportunity to do just that for an important client.  They approached us needing to cover an open hole in the ground, so that work could continue on the job-site during these past several inclement weather weeks.  It took careful planning and a lot of hard work by our team to build this structure over a 4' plus hole in the earth.  This site became very challenging as everything that we were accustomed to doing on the ground level now had to be done from a 4'-5' below ground "pit".

We worked for a day and a half installing this 40'x60'  Navi-Trac frame tent and sealing it up over this work space.  We are very fortunate to have a great client who trusted us to help come up with this unique solution to their problem.  They were also very patient while we carefully executed the plan.  More pictures of this very cool installation can be seen here... Filling that hole.

The Serene Beauty of a Wintertime Tent

There is something to be said for being warm and toasty inside a heated tent while outside, the landscape gets coated by millions of snowflakes.  A heated tent can be just what is needed to complete that perfect winter wedding or family celebration.  Utilizing your patio, deck or driveway for additional space can give you room for everyone that is important to you. 

A few things to consider;

  • You'll want to include something under the tent that encourages guests to get out of the house.  If the tented space has a bar or food area, this will increase the use of the additional space.  In many cases, the "outside" space becomes the place everyone wants to hang out in.
  • Not only do you need a tent overhead, but you likely need a floor below, full sidewalls, lights and heat along with a good connection in/out of your home.  All of these details increase the comfort for your guests as well as the amount of your budget that goes to it.
  •  Heavy amounts of snow need to be monitored the entire time the tent is up to prevent snow loading on it.  Keeping it heated throughout and/or brushing off the snow is a must.
  • Floors inside the tented space are a good idea to prevent ice buildup under foot and even to help insulate the space especially on a deck.

While a tented event in the winter time can be enchanting.  There are logistical, budgetary and weather issues to take into consideration.  If you are interested in a representation coming out and assessing your space, please contact us.

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