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Tent Types

Tent Styles (View tent sizes)

View our extensive selection of tent styles and sizes.
From the most modern technology of track-style frame tents to the standard pole tents.

Pole Tents (also called Canopy tents)

Classic tent designs
Pole Tent Pole Tent

Pole tents are the type of tents most people picture when they think of a tent. They are made of a heavier covering and require numerous side poles, one or more center poles and extensive staking along the perimeter of the tent. The tents are supported by the center poles and tension from ropes attached to the stakes.

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Frame Tents

Frame tents are used at locations where minimal staking or no center pole is desired. Distinguished by clear, unobstructed interiors and meticulously machined components for professional-looking interiors, the Frame Tent is an incredibly rugged, attractive and versatile system that will impress you and your guests.

Frame Tent Frame Tent

The unique feature of these tents is that we build an aluminum frame at the installation location. Since frame tents do not rely on tension, a minimal number of stakes is required and there is no need for center poles to support the tent.

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About Our Tent Rentals

Standard installation is included with all tents. Our staff members are continuously trained on our products to ensure that they are properly maintained and installed. They are concerned with making your installation the best it can possibly be and will take special care to ensure you're landscaping and grounds are not disturbed.

We comply with local and state laws. We assist you in acquiring permits for your installation. We are fully insured for Liability as well as Workers Compensation. To ensure your event will be comfortable, we can provide you with a Computer Designed floor plan of your event.

Our tents are made by the leading manufacturers. We do not use "home-made" or off-brand equipment. All of our tents are certified permanently flame resistant.

Tell us the details of your event and we will contact you to set up a time to visit your property.

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